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Acupuncture, combined with herbal therapy, is an ancient Chinese method for the treatment and prevention of disease.  It has been practiced consistently for the past 4,000 years in the Orient, making it as ancient and effective as any other medical technique in the world today.  Traditional Chinese medicine sees a person as an integrated mind and body with good health depending upon balanced distribution of the life force energy called "Chi".


Chi distributes itself through 14 pathways in the body and any obstruction of the flow of Chi produces dis-ease.  By inserting hairline acupuncture needles into specific points in the body, an acupuncturist is converting dis-ease into ease by restoring the proper flow of Chi.  Acupuncture is best known for treating pain.  However, it can provide significant benefits for a wide variety of conditions from respiratory disorders to weight loss.


Acupuncture is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical issues.  It is an all natural, drug free therapy which yields no significant side effects except feelings of relaxation and well being.  Of course, acupuncture can be used alongside conventional western medicine methodologies.

Meriam Chaheen is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the State of California. She is a graduate with highest honors from Emperor’s College on Traditional Oriental medicine in Santa Monica California.

Emperor’s College is a 4 years program that teaches all phases of Oriental medicine as well as extensive anatomy, physiology and biomedicine.


As a licensed acupuncturist, Meriam is trained the safe usage of Chinese herbs in conjunction with commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals. She has selected the highest quality of natural products for her patients. Her specialty is pain management and reducing emotional stress. Dr. Chaheen is using her knowledge and technique to treat musculoskeletal disorders, Digestive disorders, Gynecological problems, skin rejuvenation as well as weight loss and quitting smoking.

Her acupuncture treatment may combine with herbs, meditation, massage or light exercises. As a skilled practitioner, her work involves around the restoration of health, enhancing the quality of life. By making an appointment with her she can convert your dies-ease into ease.



1 hour (1st Visit) ……..............$125
1.5 hour
(Following Visits) ......$95

3 series ……...........................$275

6 series .……..........................$510





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